Garden Compost Soil

Stone Farm Materials processes our own blend of garden compost soil at our location in Dartmouth, MA. If you are in need of garden compost soil for your home, greenhouse or farm gardens then please give us a call today. 

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On-site processed garden compost soil

If you are looking for high-quality on-site processed compost for your garden or farm, then Stone Farm Materials has you covered. Compost is a great addition to your gardens, whether it’s to improve overall plant and tree health or maximize the yield of your vegetable gardens, adding compost each year is a great way to restore much-needed nutrients to your overall soil structure.

Our commitment to quality compost production

At Stone Farm Materials we know what you put into your soil could ultimately be put into your body. That’s why we take our commitment to producing quality garden compost seriously. Our compost mixtures are rich in hummus, and organic matter and have an abundance of nutrients to help strengthen and enhance your soil. Our garden compost soil is free from viable weed seeds, has a broad range of ingredients for a bio-diverse compost, and is produced and screened right on our (stone) farm in Dartmouth, MA.

Adding compost to your soil is a great way to feed your perennials, trees and vegetable plants. Reguarly top dressing your gardens helps to reduce the amount of water needed to maintain your gardens, improve soil structure and reduce the use of synthetic fertilizers.

High-quality garden compost delivered to you

If you are looking for a larger amount of compost our team can deliver our garden compost soil to your home or farm.  

How much garden compost soil will you need?

Wondering how much garden compost soil you will need? Head on over to our materials page and use our materials calculator. For further assistance feel free to give us a call, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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