River Rocks

Stone Farm Materials stocks and sells river rocks for all your landscaping needs. Pickup is available at our location in Dartmouth, or we can deliver right to your home or job site anywhere on the Southcoast.
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River Rocks – A beautiful accent rock for landscaping projects

River rocks are rocks that have been gathered from… you guessed it, rivers. They are known for their smoother surface due to water erosion and their wide assortment of colors. River rocks make a great landscape accent but are also used for practical landscape applications as well.

Aesthetic landscape accents

Due to their pleasing appearance, river rocks are utilized for aesthetic accents in landscape applications. River rocks can transform an otherwise drab area into a beautiful garden space. River rocks can be utilized to mimic wet environments and are a great addition to backyard ponds and water accents. They are also used quite commonly in wet areas of a property, along drainage areas and on the edges of garden beds to accent flowers and shrubs.

Practicable applications of river rocks

In addition to just looking great on your property, river rocks are used for more practical purposes as well. Most notably they are a great choice for areas prone to water runoff to help prevent erosion and redirect water from problem areas like gutter downspouts. Placing river rocks around certain plants, trees and shrubs can also help to keep the soil temperatures warmer and reduce water evaporation around your plants.

Whether you are just looking for a great landscape accent, or need river rocks for more practical purposes, give us a call today. Our river rocks are available for pickup at our location in Dartmouth, or we can deliver to your home or job site anywhere on the Southcoast.

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